Throw a Housewarming Party Mardi Gras Style


The moving boxes are unpacked and the pictures are hung.  Time to get ready for the best part about moving into a new house…The Party!

Traditionally, the term “housewarming” is comes from the literal act of warming a new house.   Each guest would bring firewood, and build fires in all the available fireplaces, offering firewood as a gift.  It was also practiced as a way to  repel evil spirits by creating a protective atmosphere of warmth.   Today it is a fun way to show off your new home to friends and family.

With Fat Tuesday right around the corner, now is the perfect time to throw a fun and lively Mardi Gras themed Housewarming party and invite your Krewe.


Let the good times roll!

First… Before the Partymardi_gras_party_in_purple_gold_green_card-r4ed69243be4943c9a508fb621274c217_zkrqs_324

  • Make your guest list: Keep in mind the space you have to offer and try not to overcrowd you home with well wishers.
  • Choose a date:  Give yourself at least 2-3 weeks to settle into your home before hosting a party
  • Send out the evites!  Using an online invitation system will make it easier to keep track of how many people will be attending as well as notifying anyone of any last minute changes.

Second…Plan your menu

This is my favorite part.  You want to plan foods that will take little time and attention during the actual party.  A few easy party foods are: fresh fruits and vegetables with dips, cheese and cracker trays, chips or breads with savory dips, rolled deli meats, meats wrapped around other items such as vegetables or fruits, sandwich trays, and meatballs.  You can do the prep work ahead of time and then spend your party giving tours of your home and enjoying your friends.

Here are a few recipes that have a fun NOLA twist to them that will liven up any party!

gumboThis gumbo recipe is a simple spin on a traditional version.  This recipe gives big flavor without the complication of making a Roux.  Crock pots are perfect for parties because guests can serve themselves a warm dinner!  Crock Pot Gumbo


muffuletta-skewersA traditional muffuletta sandwich has a nice round roll with cold cuts of meat, provolone, and a dressing of chopped olives, olive oil, onions, cauliflower, and garlic.  These Muffuletta Skewers can be made ahead of time and still bring all of the traditional flavors to the table.


king-cake-bites-3-copyNo Mardi Gras is complete without King Cake. These bite size beauties are simple, sweet, and addicting.  A simple dough with cinnamon, sweet cream cheese, and colorful sugar…plastic baby not required!


pimms-photoThere are many signature drinks to New Orleans.  Pat O’Brien’s is famous for their Hurricane.  This signature cocktail is always a crowd pleaser but very sweet with a high alcohol content.  You can get the mix for the Hurricane at the store or use this copy cat recipe.   A cornerstone of Napoleon House, my personal favorite is the Pimm’s Cup.  This Pimm’s Punch recipe is a delightful vatiation on the classic cucumber drink.  This can be made in large quantities which are perfect for your party.

Third…Prepare your homeil_fullxfull-445785166_631h

  • Be sure your home is ready for people to see it because your friends will want to see every room in your house. If you do not have time to unpack every box, at least try to unpack the main areas that party guests will be in: your kitchen, dining room, living room, and guest bathroom.
  • Don’t forget to provide some finishing touches to your home before the party.
    • Candles are warm and inviting and fit the “housewarming” theme perfectly. Try some Beignets or Banana Foster scented candles
    • Don’t forget mood music!  You can select some classic Louis Armstrong Jazz, roll with some sultry Ingrid Lucia, or stream some fun Mardi Gras Music from Pandora or Spotify

Last…Enjoy your new home with your Krewe!

Give yourself time to get cleaned up and presentable for the party too.  Your friends want to see you as much as your new home.  Make sure you animals have a safe spot during the party so they feel comfortable.

Hand out a bead necklace to your guests as they arrive and take some time to enjoy your party and your friends.  Remember that this party is going to be just one of many memories that will take place in the home.

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