It’s Not All About You Pumpkin Spice



Don’t miss the forest because of the one large annoying pumpkin spice tree!

Brace yourselves, Pumpkin Spice is coming!  I do not have an obsessive love affair nor an irrational hatred for this seasonal heavy weight. I will admit to enjoying the occasional pumpkin spice coffee, but that is where it ends.  There are so many other fabulous fall scents and flavors to enjoy.  Why limit yourself or your home to the one hit wonder of Pumpkin Spice?

Here are my top 5 ways to enjoy the season using all of your senses…

 – Smell –

Autumn candles with leaves vintage abstract still life in nightA behavioral study done at Brown University found that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of “being brought back in time” than images.  You can embrace this practice by indulging in some fall scented candles, potpourri, and essential oil diffusers around your home.   Popular candle scents of the season are Autumn Wreath, Sage and Citrus, and Apple Cinnamon.  If you are into essential oils and oil diffusers try Spiced Citrus, Clove, or Apple Spiced Cider.

 – Touch –

thanksgiving-table-set-fall-home-harvest-decorations-burlap-cloth-runner-napkin-979e99fbd2ab53c4df6412baa4b04cc3Fall is a time that evokes thoughts of warm scarves and cable knit sweaters.  There is nothing I love more that a snuggly sweater on a cold day but you can find other uses for those knits as well.  Consider making your living space a feast for the senses by adding unusual fall textures in unexpected places.  Try some cable knit throw pillows on your couch in warm soft cream or brown tones.  Burlap can make a surprising, inexpensive, and texturally interesting table runner.  For a fun and innovative mantle scarf… use a REAL wool plaid scarf to dress up your fireplace!

  – Sound –

custom_fireplace_1_600_01I love the sounds of a toasty fire crackling merrily in a fireplace.  I love it so much, that I had it on my “Must Have” list when my husband I and were looking to buy a new home.  Yes, we live in Coastal California and “fall” means 65 degrees.  I will happily don shorts and a t-shirt just to enjoy my fall fires.  From large bonfires to a few logs in your fireplace, those lovely crackling flames are synonymous with fall.  Depending on your families traditions, they may be a fall staple for you too! Throughout Ireland, bonfires are lit on the night of 31 October to celebrate Halloween or Samhain.  So turn off the electronics and enjoy the peaceful crackling and popping sounds.

– Sight –

happiness_is_homemade_sgwdtcI don’t know about you, but orange is NOT my favorite color…even in fall.  I concede to the season and include orange in my home décor as well as my wardrobe on a limited basis.  I prefer browns, reds, and yellow because honestly like 5% of the population looks good in orange.  Avoid the traditional orange pumpkin décor and consider branching out with you fall home staging this year. 


– Taste –

cranberry-moscow-mule-3I saved the best for last!  So many wonderful fall flavors to enjoy.  Fall is when apples are ripening and if you are lucky, can be picked locally.  You can always go the apple pie route, in my opinion that is low hanging fruit (pun intended).  For something different try making Apple Cider Jelly or Apple Cider Caramels!  If are looking for a new fall beverage try a Spiced Chai Latte or a Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule for the more adventurous!  Fall is the time for hearty filling dishes.  Try experimenting with other members of the squash family besides pumpkin.  My kiddos love this Spaghetti Squash recipe with bacon and goat cheese.  This Acorn Squash recipe is a favorite fall side dish as well.

Fall is hands down my favorite time of year.  There are so many sights and sounds to delight the senses.  Avoid tunnel vision and don’t miss the forest because of the one large annoying pumpkin spice tree!


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