3 Genius Home Upgrades for Pet Owners



It is important to keep in mind that pet-friendly homes, even ones designed with aesthetics in mind, can be a tough sell because not all potential home buyers are pet owners.

Most people who have pets feel like they are truly a part of their family. Insert all of the jokes about furry or four-legged children here. This is due in part to the increasing trend of Americans waiting until later in life to get married or have children. Pet ownership has hit an all-time high in the US with 68% of households (82.5 million) having at least one pet according to the American Pet Products Association.

In response to this trend architects, builders, and interior designers say that there is an increase in pet-friendly home remolding and design. Some owner are looking to integrate their pet paraphernalia in a pleasing way and some are looking to fully accommodate their pets in a spa like environment.

It is important to keep in mind that pet-friendly homes, even ones designed with aesthetics in mind, can be a tough sell because not all potential home buyers are pet owners.

With that said, here are 3 genius home upgrade that you can make that will improve your pet’s quality of life while increasing the value of your home.

Why-Do-Dogs-Slip-on-Hardwood-Floors1. Paw-Safe Flooring:

Choosing a new floor material can make a huge difference to your cleaning bill and your sanity if you have pets.

Carpeting may be cushy for you and your pets but it can be a nightmare in terms of maintenance. If you must choose carpeting select a color that matches your pets, this will help mask pet hair. Choose a low pile because it is easier to clean in there is an accident. Avoid continuous loop carpet because pet nails can unravel it by catching a single loop. Consider trying modular carpet tiles. If your pet has an accident, you can pull up the dirty tile and replace it with a new one. It is much less expensive than replacing an entire rug.
For smaller dogs, a hardwood floor with a good urethane finish is an easy to clean choice. For heavier and larger dogs, ceramic tile or another nonporous hard surface flooring is best.  If you select tile, keep in mind that grout can absorb urine if not cleaned right away.

2. Petscaping Your Yard

imagesEAOFDMB2If you let your furry family member out into the yard, flea and tick prevention isn’t your only concern. Selecting your landscaping plants is an important process concerning more than just ascetics. Many common plants are surprisingly poisonous to pets. Check out this article we posted about the 5 common plants that are poisonous to pets.

Another factor to consider is your grass. A beautiful green lawn in a lovely sight to behold. For pet owners that have dogs, your green lawn may have yellow spots. For a more permanent solution, you should put in grass that is urine-resistant or that can tolerate dog urine. Fescue or perennial ryegrass is more resistant to urine that other grasses. You should avoid Kentucky Bluegrass and Bermuda grass as these are sensitive and will spot easily.

SavvyPet13. Room with a View

Indoor pets find it their mission to keep an eye on any suspicious activity in either yard. Consequently, they will scratch up windowsills, walls, and furniture to be able to get a look outside. If you are considering a major remodel, consider installing a window at viewing height for your pet. Installing a window lower to the ground will make your pet feel more involved in the world around them. If major home construction is not for you, consider building a perch at window level to avoid any unnecessary damage to the sill or wall.

Design your home with your pet’s needs and comforts in mind and you’ll both have a nicer place to live. If you are smart about your renovations, you can increase the value of your home as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone!


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