5 Throwbacks that NEED to go before you list your home


Hammer pants, mullets, and popcorn ceilings

will never make a comeback.

Everyone loves a good throwback. I love my throwback Montana 49er jersey.  But some things really need to stay in the past.  Hammer pants, mullets, and popcorn ceilings will never make a comeback.

Selling your home can be a challenge especially if your home is still living in the 1900’s. Potential buyers are on the hunt for updated and renovated homes. Most buyers are intimidated by a property that needs updating and remodeling.  Help buyers see the potential of your property.

Most home owners don’t want to invest a small fortune in their property before they sell it. The good news is that there are a few simple and inexpensive updates that you can make that will make a big impact on buyers.

popcorn-ceiling1. Popcorn Ceilings

Half of your potential buyers will turn right back around and walk out of your house as soon as they see the dreaded popcorn ceilings. If your home was built after 1980, chances are you can remove these by yourself with wetting and scraping them. Pre-1979 homes are likely to contain asbestos and you will need someone licensed to remove it.

56291d1345929430-re-grouting-old-kitchen-counter-tile-20120812_173347-800x600-2. Tile Kitchen Countertops

Seriously, who thought that the uneven surface of small white tiles was a good fit for kitchens? They are a nightmare to wipe down and keep the grout clean. Buyers hate ceramic-tile countertops with grimy grout. Today’s buyers are looking for granite, marble, limestone or soapstone countertops. If natural stone doesn’t fit into your budget, you can update with new, more affordable counters in concrete or laminate.

3. Mini Pendant Lights1

If your house was built before 2000, there’s a good chance you’ve got overhead lights that look like they belong in a coffee shop. The real problem with these mini-pendants is that they’re always too small.  A poorly lit room looks small, dark, and cramped, while a brightly lit room appears open, airy, and welcoming. For a better—and more timeless—source of light, try an orb shape.

s-l2254. Old Knobs and Pulls

Nothing dates your kitchen and bathrooms more than old-fashioned, worn and dirty handle pulls and knobs. This is one of the simplest updates you can make to your home. Sleek new knobs can quickly modernize your kitchen and bathroom. Really, there is no good reason to skip this update. There are numerous finishes to choose from such as bronze, wrought iron, brushed nickel, aged copper, and shiny stainless.

delta-faucet-2522-clear-handles5. “Crystal” Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Bathrooms that feature crystal looking plastic knobs make me cringe and shudder. They will crack and yellow with time. Consider changing out these time-bombs with a newer sleeker faucet. This upgrade will only take 1-2 hours to complete. A really nice faucet will run you anywhere from $100-$200 and will make a huge impact on the bathroom.

Don’t let these old out-of-date features mask the potential of your home. Buyers will appreciate the time and money investment to rectify these throw-backs.


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