Our 5 Favorite Home Storage Hacks

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Some things in life are just awkward.  There are socially awkward moments like waving at someone you think you know but actually don’t…awkward.  When your toddler shouts their favorite four-letter word in church…awkward.  When you are distracted and accidently call your boss “Sweetheart”…double awkward.

There are also all of those necessary but awkward items in your home that take up too much space. You know the ones I am talking about? The ones you shove in a closet or hide in a cabinet. Normally this would not be a problem.  However, if you are planning to sell your home the visual impression of spaciousness is essential.

Having an efficient storage system for these common and awkward items can decrease the clutter in your home. Take a look at our five favorite storage hacks for troublesome items. Make your home more spacious and give your home a chance to breathe.

1. Problem: Under Sink Clutter

That sneaky black hole under your sink where cleaning products go to die.  I am pretty sure that Jimmy Hoffa might be hiding in the back under the 4 year old bottle of Windex.

This space is always a mess because it is not at eye level and infrequently used. Most of the time, you grab what you need and go.  So is it a problem? Not if you like having 4 bottles of glass cleaner.  Better to keep it clean and organized for yourself and any pesky buyers who like to look under the hood of a home when considering a purchase. Check out this storage solution for under the sink from jenthousandwords.

Solution: Use A Tension Rod to Hang Spray Bottles Under Your Sink


2. Problem: Pot Lid Pandemic

Pots and pans have the wonderful attribute of descending sizes.  You can easily store all of your pots and pans in two to three stacks in the cabinet.  Those pesky lids however always impede the nesting process of your pans.  The question always remains…where do you put all of the lids?  Where can you store them so they don’t tumble out of the cabinet like a bad game of Jenga? Simplebites has a solution.

Solution: Pot Lid Holder Magazine Rack


3. Problem: Imelda Moved In

Yes…I need 4 different pairs of black high heels.  Any woman will tell you that you need kitten heels, strappy heels, pumps, and peep-toe-sling backs.  Most of the floor space in the closet is given up to my shoes.  They are some of the biggest real estate hogs in the house. They are not stackable and most “shoe trees” cannot account for the height variety of gladiator sandals or knee high riding boots.  The struggle is real.  While this will not work for every pair of shoes in your closet, it will free up some valuable real estate for the rest of your shoes.  Lovelyish has the solution.

Solution: Wall/Closet Attached Crown Molding to Organize Shoes


4. Problem: Sports Taking Over the Garage

I am always genuinely impressed when I see a home with a two car garage that actually has two cars in it.  We are down to one car in our two car garage and a ton of stuff for the kids.

As the kids get older we seem to accumulate more and more sporting equipment.  Some things are easy to store like baseball bats, hockey sticks, and tennis racquets.  The reason for this?  Because they are flat!  How are you supposed to store things that are round?  You can’t stack them and unless you restrain them in some way, they roll all over the place.  Designedtodwell has the solution.

Solution: DIY Ball Garage Storage

garage5. Problem: Wrapping Paper

You may try to hide it in the closet or under the bed.  The rolls are rapidly shoved in inconvenient places thus ruining half of the roll because it gets wrinkled or ripped.  Children present an entirely different problem for wrapping paper.  There is no person alive who has not had a sword fight with a wrapping paper roll.  This adds to demise of any wrapping paper you have in your home.  There never seems to be a great place to keep it.  Lifebuzz had a great solution to save on space and keep it away from playful hands.

Solution: Store wrapping paper on your closet ceiling


Give one of these simple solutions a try to get rid of awkward items in your home.  Give your home a breath of fresh air and create a feeling of spaciousness.  Hopefully you won’t have to deal with any other awkward situations either!


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