The 5 Coolest upgrades you can make to your house…according to your kids

The 5 Coolest upgrades you can make to your house...according to your kids

Their creative juices flow freely unhindered by mundane things like physics or budgets.

One of the best things about being a kid is that they are only limited by their imaginations.  Their creative juices flow freely unhindered by mundane things like physics or budgets.

We were talking about dream houses over breakfast.  I asked what they would change about our house if they had a million dollars.  I have to admit, sometimes my kids are completely brilliant.  They are so much more creative than I am.  When I grow up I want to live at their house.

The following 5 additions are a must for every home…according to my kids

1. Every house needs a pool117

Obviously every house needs a pool.  We are not talking about a plain boring square pool here.  This pool needs to have diving boards, and slides, and a waterfall.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  This magnificent installation will have multiple tiers of swimming area with room for multiple slides and waterfalls.  We also are not installing one plain diving board here.  We will have multiple diving boards and a trampoline built into the ground pool side so you can bounce and do flips off of the trampoline into the pool.

2.  Every staircase needs a slideslide

How tedious is it that we have to walk up AND down the stairs.  There has to be a better way to get from the upstairs to the downstairs right.  Every kid knows that the best way to get down anything is to slide.  Our imagination is not limited to traditional staircases either, spiral staircases offer a whole new dimension of fun to be had.  Think of the cardio you can get each day just by playing on the stairs!

3. Every backyard needs a treehousetree house

Is there anything more fun than a backyard tree house or fort?  No small square tree houses to be found here.  These treehouses will have rope swings, ladders, and slides.  Giant hammocks on the deck and zip lines to get back to the house for a snack.  A very important addition of course is the 2 story climbing wall attached to the outside of the treehouse.  There is going to be a lot of hardware involved in this tree house so hopefully you installed some stairs for the grownups to use when delivering the lemonade and cookies.

4.  Every house needs secret passages rustic-family-room

I have to agree with this addition.  I am fully on board with building shortcuts and secret passages into the house.  We will be able to play a mean game of hide and seek with the hidden door in the hall closet or the secret room off of the kitchen pantry.  Nothing evokes childhood imagination more than secret passages and hidden treasure.  I vote that we make a secret shortcut between my bedroom and the kitchen for some sneaky midnight snack runs.

5.  Every basement needs a ball pit9d924b4c4db5287dece30f613daefc1e

Because… what else are basements used for?  Imagine a giant room filled 5 feet deep with colorful little spheres of happiness.  It makes me smile too.  This is not a simple pit with 200 balls.  This is an entire room filled to the brim with slides and swings.  Islands among the sea of colored balls that you have to swim to for a break.  A rope swing that carries you out over the waves of color and lets you splash down in fun.  I think that I want to have one of these in my house too. Then all of my friends will want to come over to play.

On this Mother’s Day it is fun to remember how creative and inventive my kids are.  Sometimes I take their ideas and suggestions for granted but they truly do have some wonderful ideas for home improvement.  I am definitely consulting them for home upgrades if we every win the lottery!


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