How We Measure Success!

How We Measure Success

How do you measure success when you belong to one of the largest and most successful Real Estate Brands in the world?

With over 86,000 agent world wide in 47 countries…

We use a very large ruler!

If you are an average person like me, you might wonder what any of this information has to do with you.

When you have an important event or decision in your life you get help from the MOST qualified person that you can find.  These award winning agents are experts in their field and are zealous advocates for their clients.  This level of dedication deserves recognition.

Here at Coldwell Banker Premier Real Estate, we have just held our Annual Awards Celebration to recognize the excellence that our agents bring to their clients.

With a company as large and successful as ours, it takes very special and dedicated individuals to really stand apart.  I didn’t realize how special until I started to learn about the awards given.

30 Under 30 Award:blog 30.1

Coldwell Banker selected the 30 Real Estate Professionals under the age of 30 who have soared to the top in sales, philanthropy, and leadership internationally.

Congratulations Danny Grubb


4The Rising Star Award:

A rising star is an individual with great promise.  Someone who is dedicated to what they do and has the courage to take risks and step out of their comfort zone.

Congratulations Amparo Vryhof, Joe Novo, MacKenzie Hartung, Jose Uriarte III, and Ian Chandler.


The International Sterling Society Award:

Awarded to The Top 20% of Coldwell Banker Sales Agents Worldwide

Congratulations Siu Parker, Sylvia Zarate-Sheppard, Claudia Evans, Nancy Sayer, Irene Ryn, Victoria Petty, Marsha Rice-Cassanova, Kim Kincannon, Dorothy Miller, Jeff Prostovich, and Kathy Wolfe.

blog sterling

The International Diamond Society Award:

Awarded to The Top 15% of Coldwell Banker Sales Agents Worldwide.

Congratulations Kyle Hoff, Maurice Gonzales, Pat Taylor, Tonia Kleinsmith, Brandon Gonzales, Teddi Peters, Leanne Shaw, Rick Jackson, Nicole Hoffman, Mike Oliver, and Nancy Churchill.

blog diamond

International President’s Circle Award:blog pres circ

Awarded to The Top 6% of Coldwell Banker Sales Agents Worldwide.

Congratulations John Thor, David Heuer, and Danny Grubb.



International President’s Elite Award:

Awarded to The Top 3% of Coldwell Banker Sales Agents Worldwide.

blog pres eli

There are less that 2500 people in the entire world who achieved this award in 2015.  3 of those amazing agents call Coldwell Banker Premier home.

We could not be more proud of Alyson Zumwalt, Karen Avenell, and Aram Melikian.

“We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our top professionals in the Coldwell Banker network and the exceptional experiences they provide to real estate customers,” said Budge Huskey, president and chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “Their remarkable performances serve to confirm their standing as incredible entrepreneurs who are true leaders in the real estate industry.”

We are really proud of them too Budge!

Premier Real Estate


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