Clearing the Clutter from your Closets – Part 3 of our Spring Cleaning Series

Clearing the Clutter from your Closets

We are all guilty of it. A shirt or a pair of pants “shrinks” in the wash so we hang it back up in the closet. It gets shoved aside to make room for new clothes. Soon, it is relegated to the dark recesses of the closet. There it patiently bides it’s time hanging out with the peasant tops, trucker hats, and distressed jeans.

You wonder how you have nothing to wear when your closet is hopelessly cluttered.

It is time to reclaim that space and make it functional again!

“Holding on to clothes that don’t fit is like having friends that make fun of you behind your back” –Peter Walsh

The Master Closet – First step is to take everything out… yes, absolutely everything.

Try everything on- and ask yourself these questions. Honestly answer these questions from The Everygirl and you will discover your true feelings about the item.


Keep, Toss, Donate – Make 3 piles

  • Keep items
  • Donate items- any clean and undamaged items that you won’t wear again
  • Toss items- dirty and damaged items or underwear

The Backwards Hanger Trickenhanced-21740-1415305423-8

  • Hang up all of your clothes back with the hanger facing out
    • After 6 months you will be able to see the clothes that you don’t wear but were unable to part with. Reevaluate if you really need to keep those clothes!

Organize what is left

    • Do what works for you. My side of the closet is sorted by color. The other side of the closet is sorted by silhouette (long sleeve, short sleeve, dress shirts, pants, and work clothes). Hang as many items as possible; if you can see a piece, you’re more likely to wear it.

The Kid’s Closets

Lowering the Bar

barIf you do not have a second clothing rod lower in the closet, add one now. Kid’s clothes are smaller so you can maximize on space by adding a second bar. Bonus! The kids can reach their clothes now so you can laugh at them when they “dress” themselves.

  1. If you add a second bar for clothing, you can add a shelf on top of it. This is a great spot for boxes and bins. Boxes and bins are great for containing hats, mittens, socks, shoes, and accessories.

Box it Up

Keep a plastic tote box in your kid’s closets on floor or up on a shelf. When your child outgrows something, throw it into the box. When it is full take the box out and fold the items. Now you can share, donate, or store any items that you don’t want to keep for sentimental reasons

Revolving Door Policy

When you get new clothes for your child, consider the clothes in / clothes out concept. When you add clothes to the closet, take a quick look and remove the same number of items that are small or the wrong season. Try to keep the same number of hangers so you don’t get into trouble down the road. I just found a 24 month shirt in my 5 year olds closet!

 It will take some time, but you will be very happy that you tackled this project. If you decide to put your house on the market, it will make staging your house a breeze. Did you know that potential buyers LOVE looking in the closets of house that are for sale? Now you can let your spacious closets shine through!


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