How to expand your space and elevate your environment with paint

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Spring is the time of year when we look around and see that our space needs a little color.

Spring is in the air. This is the time of year when we look around and see that our space needs a little color.

In January and February there is a drought of color and festivity in my house. By the time that March rolls around, I am ready for a change! Spring flowers are just starting to bloom in my garden and I find that I want a renewal of life and energy in my home too.

Selecting new colors can be fun and when chosen correctly, can make your home easier to sell down the road. Bright and neutral palates are the most highly sought after colors for a reason… they are flexible.

As Michele Schweppe, Founder of the The Redesign Habit says “Selecting the right paint color can make your space feel cozy, expansive, relaxing, energizing, modern, nostalgic—you get the idea. If you can feel it, paint can create the mood to really live it.”

Here are a few tips and tricks to color your space to make it bigger, brighter, and more harmonious.


q-painting-trim-and-walls-the-same-color-paint-colors-paintingCreate the illusion of larger space

The number one factor to consider in choosing a paint color is how much natural light enters the room. The less natural light you have entering the room, the lighter the paint color you should select. So if you’re really hoping to make your room appear more spacious opt for brighter shades which bounce back more light than they absorb.

  • Designer trick- Paint walls and trim the same color. Paint the walls and trim to match in tight spaces and in rooms without much natural light: The more transitions you have in a room, the more the eye stops at those points.


Pops-of-color-soften-the-look-of-this-stylish-bachelor-padUse Color… Judiciously

Light colors and neutrals are always a classic option for small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on bold colors when you want to make a room seem bigger. Like many things in life… balance is key!  Balance out that color with softer neutrals so that the room is not overwhelming.


  • Designer Tip- Don’t be afraid of color.  Many people are afraid to paint their walls a bright color. Color can also be added through accessories. Lovely blankets, vases, paintings, pillows and rugs are a wonderful way to add a pop of color.


fresh-loop-design-kitchenColor really does affect your mood and can make your living space a happy and energetic one.

Painting a room changes more than the perceived size of the room.  It also changes the tone and feeling of the room.  Color Psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior.  This tells us that how you color your space can affect how it makes you feel.

  • Yellow evokes cheerful and warm feelings but can cause eye strain or fatigue.
  • Red conjures strong emotions of passion and intensity, it also encourages appetite. .
  • Blue promotes calmness, serenity, and productiveness. It is the most common color used for offices.
  • Green is relaxing, calming, clean and refreshing
  • Purple feels luxurious, calming, and promotes creativity
  • Browns are comforting and promote feelings of security and warmth

 Your home is an extension of your personality and interests.  Use your walls as a palate to create the space and feeling you desire. 

Here are 5 Questions from Michele at The Redesign Habit that will help you get started selecting a color.

Five Proven Tips To Help You Choose The Right Paint Colors



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